Introductory Videos on Cooperatives in Palestine

The Social and Economic Policies Monitor – Al-Marsad is launching the first episode of its Cooperatives in Palestine, a series highlighting the definition of Cooperatives in Palestine, and the legal framework they are subject to, as well as their history and how to rely on them as an economic and social alternative for hundreds of families. The series also stress the need to develop this sector and promote similar models. The series of episodes are based on a result of study conducted by Al-Marsad titled “Towards a less complex and more beneficial policies and procedures for Cooperatives”. Our first episode addresses the issue of Cooperatives as an economic and social alternative. You are more than welcome to use the video for training and awareness raising purposes, as well as using your platform to share it with the target group.

Produced by The Political and Economic Monitor- Al-Marsad within “Bayader” Project in cooperation with The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association-Asala and the Popular Art Center

To watch the video, please visit the attached link:



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